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  Fixed Assets

IBS accounting modules provides several accounting tools to serve all types and sizes of companies. It handles every technical point in accounting with effectiveness and accuracy. It also responds to Open Architecture Technique requirements. The IBS accounting modules consists of: Stock Control System, General ledger System, Accounts Receivable System, Accounts payable System, L.C. System and Fixed Assets System.

The system's features are as follows:

It works under AS400 and Windows95/98/2000/NT.
It has a customizable interface and toolbar.
It Works either as an integrated package or as separate systems.
It Works on stand alone computers or networks.
It provides instant help at any point.
It provides full integration between its components without duplicating any entry or document.
It allows the user to view reports on screen, print them or export them to an electronic mail file.
It allows exporting information to Lotus 123, MS-EXCEL, MS-WORD or text files.
It has internal maintenance utilities and many levels of security to keep your information safe.
It supports Multi-company with The possibility of extracting single or consolidated reports.
It supports Multi-currency which allows updating the exchange rate.
It provides Multi-store for each company.
It provides Multi-unit for each item; with updateable equivalent price.
It automatically adjusts the processing of the consecutive year.
It gives recommendations for purchasing items and quantities that cover market needs.
It automatically maintains product inventory in multiple warehouses per company.
It improves customer service levels by allowing employees to respond to customers' enquiries easily, quickly and accurately.
It displays management reports at any time by including Product History, Gross Margin, Inventory Shortage and Commission Analysis.
Through General Ledger module, you can review various expenses and income categories, and compare them to budgets, information, prior periods and Last year's amounts. Using this information you can spot and reinforce income-generating areas, eliminate waste, locate areas which are over budget and implement corrective actions.
Its General Ledger module Provides vital management information which can be used to increase the profits of your business.
Standard journal transactions are easily entered and edited.
It supplies custom-designed financial statements within budget. You can tell at a glance the differences between actual amounts and budgeted amounts as well as current amounts and last year amounts.
It offers flexible end of year closing procedures.
General Ledger module integrates with all other Accounting Series modules. The integration is provided in either summarized or detailed form and may be performed on demand; daily, weekly, or monthly.

Accounts Receivable module is a comprehensive module that allows your business to track and control information related to many customers of your company... efficiently, accurately, and completely.

The fixed assets module holds all your historical assets data.
Accounts Receivable module can help your company manage its receivables and improve its cash flow.

Accounts Receivable module can help your company to limit the amount of credit you extend to your customer. You set each Customer's credit limit..... the system checks it each time you make a sale to a customer- Monitoring credit can reduce bad debts

Accounts Payable module
can help your company manage its payables and improve its cash flow.

Accounts Payable module can help your company to calculate and take vendor discounts.



Download presentations of financial and distribution packages
Manage your human resources with personnel and payroll information systems

Specially designed softwares for AS400/DB2 based infrastructures

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