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The platform-independent IBS business applications operate in a SQL relational database environment, including Microsoft® SQLServer ,DB2 and ORACLE. Using popular and unique technologies, it provides a system that is easy to use, makes the most of your investment, fits into your enterprise and, most important, gets the job done efficiently, economically and quickly.

IBS business applications operates on all open systems hardware platforms under AS400 or Microsoft® Windows NT™/Server 2000/95/98 operating systems.

IBS business applications software runs on all PC hardware platforms in client/server environments.

All IBS business application modules are fully integrated each other. This deep integration eliminates data redundancy and ensures that detail transactions are easily accessed throughout the system. But perhaps the biggest advantage is your ability to manage a far larger and more complex amount of data with greater efficiency.

IBS business applications offers a familiar, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) with intuitive windows as well as a standard character-based version. You can use either or use them both simultaneously.

Business rules and alerts
Rules and alerts are powerful tools to help you manage your business proactively by informing you the moment an out-of-range condition occurs. Enter rules and alerts once and they are applied globally, which means that if you enter a caveat or rule into the database, it will affect all applicable modules. For example, you can enter a rule that states, "If a critical project material is received on the dock, THEN immediately notify Project Manager and shop foreman." IBS business applications does this without affecting the source code.

Multi-site requirements
Many businesses have multi-site, multi-plant requirements. But their communication, data transfer, data update and remote access requirements can differ widely. So can the right solutions. If you operate in such an environment, we'll work closely with you to recommend the best options to meet your needs. Our flexible solutions can be fit to your architecture and will support both distributed processing and replication.

Third-party interface
IBS business applications makes importing and exporting data extremely easy. By using methodologies like open database connectivity (ODBC), common to most PC software, we enable you to use a wealth of third-party products in conjunction with your IBS business applications system. Your can export IBS business applications data into your favorite third-party reporting, presentation or graphics programs. It's that simple.

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Specially designed softwares for AS400/DB2 based infrastructures

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