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With the global marketplace continuing to expand and the reliance on Web, wired and wireless devices increasing, the network infrastructure has become a mission-critical component of your enterprise. Whether you are an enterprise or service provider, IBS offers comprehensive, end-to-end multi-vendor network, cabling and wireless infrastructure solutions. We'll work with you from assessment to architecture and through conceptual design. We will address network performance, availability and security issues, so you end up with the network infrastructure that's right for your business today and in the future.

Our professionals have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimize and manage your complex, multi-vendor network infrastructure. We also work alongside some of the best companies in the business each providing infrastructure technology that allows IBS to quickly deliver proven, flexible, and reliable solutions.


Selection of the appropriate topology for LAN / WAN
Selection of media for LAN / WAN
Protocol Selection and optimization for LAN and WAN
Segment plan for LAN Voice based configuration using VoIP, VoFR
Load balancing and Redundancy (Multiple links, over different media and different delay characteristics, HSRP, VRRP)
Policy Based Routing & Link Sizing
IP Address Planning and Deployment
Network Security Design - VLAN, Access Lists, Filters, VPN, Remote Access Authentication configuration
RFP Generation & Project Management along with project planning, vendor management for equipment delivery, & project review
Network Integration

Data Center Planning Services:
Physical Design & Recommendation on Data Center position
Data and Telecom Equipment positioning
Access Control, Fire Alarm recommendations
Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Power recommendations
Server Rack sizing and Network equipment rack sizing
Cabling design and project management of Cable installations


Seamless integration of multiple technologies
Flexible traffic management and load balancing to cater to shift in usage of business applications
Time bound deployment of network services across multiple locations with minimal user disruption

Directory technology is an essential building block that allows you to manage identity and enable communications to ustomers, suppliers and partners. The cost of implementing and maintaining these disparate directories is not only cumbersome but an administrative burden too.

Unified directories (LDAP, directory standard) not only lower management burden but also ensures that applications can be accessed from within and outside the organization so that partners, customers, vendors and employees can seamlessly access application functionalities appropriately. We help you in architecting and integration of unified directories.

Our service deliverables include:

Analyze and document directory data requirements
Develop a directory schema
Design a directory tree hierarchy
Design a topology and replication strategy
Define and create access control rules
Select indexes to support design
Build a test environment and evaluate its design
Install and configure Directory server as per design specification



Download presentations of financial and distribution packages
Manage your human resources with personnel and payroll information systems

Specially designed softwares for AS400/DB2 based infrastructures

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