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Keep customer orders in perfect order.
If it's true that everything has a price, it might be argued that the price of being unable to manage customer orders could be your business. But no matter how complex those orders may be, the powerful and versatile .Customer Order Entry modules puts you in complete control of both the distribution and manufacturing systems requirements.

Using familiar pop-up windows, online help and power keys, DIMS makes high-productivity data entry and retrieval easier than ever. Customer order alterations, allocations, picking and shipping are all handled quickly online. And because pricing structures vary, DMIS provides extensive options that include contract, group and promotional pricing as well as discounts and quantity breaks. Any and all of which will be controlled by your effective dates. You can even maintain a complete sales catalog with the capability to configure orders and quotations.

Add in Customer Order Entry's powerful sales analysis tool sand seamless integration with all of the DMIS and accounting modules and you easily keep all of your customer orders in perfect order.



Multi company, customer, salesperson, billing address, shipping address, sales area capabilities
Multi project, plant and warehouse capabilities
User-defined data
Sales catalog/part interface
Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, customer order entry, scroll and summary
Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats

Ability to generate customer invoices during order entry
Rules-based product configurator with user-defined features and options
Product options and dependencies
Order picking, shipping and carrier information
Stock from locations
Substitute, obsolete, supercede products
Four unit of measure conversions for each part

Credit limits
Customer part number cross-reference, purchase order history and credit ratings
Define active and inactive customers

Customer-specific, group, quantity, volume and promotional pricing
Handle quotes, standard and non-standard discounts and payment terms and time-phase quantity breaks
Handle tax codes, calculations and exemptions
Phase-in/out effective dates

Automatic customer order and line number tracking
Lost orders tracking
Multi "ship to" addresses for each order
Online priority quantity reserve
Order status
Partial shipments
Projected order schedules

Inventory Control

The system keeps track so you can keep pace.
Wouldn't it be great if someone could just put more time in your day? Time you could invest in running your production environment more effectively? After all, these are things your business depends on.

IBS Inventory Control does exactly that.

Do more, work less.
With its functionality and sophistication, Inventory Control helps you do more than could before...and spend less time and money to do it.

Now, you can access material status, location and availability online --instantly. You can also monitor and track items at the lot and/or serial number level and maintain complete control over your inventory by plant or distribution center. And the system's cycle counting and physical inventory ensures your inventory integrity. So you never have to wonder where your inventory is. You'll know.

What's more, because DMIS accommodates demand management in the planning stage, you can avoid shortages and minimize the impact of out-of-stock conditions to keep you on track.


Multi company, plant, warehouse, location, stocking location capabilities
Multi-project capabilities
User-defined data
Create multiple inventory classifications
Keep engineering and MRP information available
Accounting functions include cost change, inventory, Order/WIP and QC
Run detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries

Actual, acquisition, current, future and past costs
Job costing
Labor and materials costs
Standard/level and outside costs
Multiple overhead costs

Firm, planned and back orders
Order/component allocations
Order/reorder information
Order priority, stage progression and status checking
Order splitting
Non-order/order issues and receipts

Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
History and costing reports

Cycle counting
Online priority reallocation
Job, shop and work order tracking
Lot, batch and serial tracking
MFG and purchased parts
Quality control receipts
Scheduling information

Manage your entire purchasing lifecycle.
Given the complex and time-consuming nature of purchasing, it's too bad you can't buy a few more hours in the day while you're at it. Or, maybe you can.

Buy yourself some time.
IBS Purchasing saves you time by simplifying and improving vendor evaluation, performance tracking and quality inspection. It saves you more time by integrating your acquisition, material planning and supplier releasing functions and supporting your entire purchase order lifecycle...from supplier quotations to receiving and product inspections with one comprehensive management system.

And, because all IBS modules are closely integrated, you can rely on a seamless flow of accurate, up-to-date information and effective material and service acquisition process management. It's about time - yours.


Handle multiple companies, stocking locations, buyers, vendors, addresses and requisition sources
Multi-project capabilities
User-defined data
Job costing
Quotation capabilities including status and vendor responses
Ability to track inspection information
Quality control and material disposition capabilities: accept, reject, use-as-is, scrap, return for credit, rework
Provide quality control receipts
Easier management with auto requisition numbers and assigned requisitions
Easily define priority status
Simple unit of measure conversion
Run detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary inquiries
Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats

Purchase order instructions, status, printing and receipts
Automatic purchase order numbers and order closing
Payment terms
Purchase authorization controls
Minimum order quantities

Vendor catalog
Identify primary and inactive vendors
Vendor ratings, approvals and certifications
Vendor price breaks, part numbers and miscellaneous
Track best vendor selections
Complete vendor performance tracking: on-time percentage, days late, material quality, etc.



Download presentations of financial and distribution packages
Manage your human resources with personnel and payroll information systems

Specially designed softwares for AS400/DB2 based infrastructures

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