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Fixed Assets
  Fixed Assets


As a company acquires more fixed assets, the need to monitor their whereabouts and know their depreciation costs becomes more important. The IBS Fixed Assets module was designed to address these needs. It allows you to maintain useful information of each asset from the time of acquisition to disposal. The system provides you with a selection of depreciation methods that conform to accepted accounting standards. It is fully integrated with the General Ledger module.

General Features

Multi-company and multi-database support
Multi-user operation
Alpha search look-up for system codes during transaction entry
Context-sensitive on-line help
Transaction flow guide on-screen
Client/Server architecture
Automatic recovery from hardware or system failures
Print preview for all report
Save reports to file and print later
Output reports to other file formats such as Microsoft Excel, text, or HTML

Asset Information

Up to 15-digit asset numbers
Hierarchical asset classification
User-defined asset types
Original acquisition cost and date
Computed or entered book value
Salvage value
Depreciation method
Depreciation and expected life

Depreciation Processing

Supported depreciation methods:
straight line
sum of years
declining balance
double declining balance

Standard Reports

Fixed Assets Listing
Fixed Assets Depreciation
Fixed Assets Cost and Depreciation
Asset Accountability
Depreciable Assets
Fully Depreciated Assets

System Security

Assigns security access by user or by group
Access restrictions can be applied to menus, windows and individual fields
Allows filtering of retrieved data records
Data fields can be set to invisible, read-only, or read-write enabled



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Manage your human resources with personnel and payroll information systems

Specially designed softwares for AS400/DB2 based infrastructures

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